Cybersecurity and Social Engineering Training for Decision Makers, Managers, and VIPs


VIP in the crosshairs. Cybersecurity training for high-ranking, decision-making, and influential individuals

We’ll teach you how to take care of your cybersecurity and avoid the unpleasant consequences of a targeted hacking attack against you or your affiliated organization.

  • Training tailored to your needs
  • Effective learning in a short amount of time
  • For you, your team, or your family

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    Corporate executives, politicians, affluent individuals, and those whose identities are easily discernible, are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks.

    Cyber criminals target VIPs to damage their reputation, extort money, or harm companies with which they have affiliations.

    Readily available information, including information about colleagues and business partners, makes it easier for hackers to carry out social engineering attacks as it helps to gain the victim’s trust.

    The key to effective cyber protection for VIPs is education in privacy management, hackers’ mechanisms and methods of operation, and ways to defend against attacks.

    Our cybersecurity and social engineering training provides comprehensive training in the above-mentioned skills essential to maintaining digital security – regardless of the level of technical knowledge and position held by the trained individuals.

    The training can be conducted for:

    • individuals (their families and associates)
    • groups (companies and organizations)
    • in the form of in-person or online training


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    “VIP in the crosshairs” training is addressed in particular to:

    CEOs and directors of large corporations
    decision-makers and high-level managers
    entrepreneurs and business owners
    wealthy and influential individuals
    politicians and local government officials
    journalists, public figures, and celebrities

    We value your time.

    In just one hour, we can provide you or your team with the most current and practical knowledge in a condensed and understandable manner.


    I want to take care of my protection

    During VIP cybersecurity and social engineering training, you will, among other things:

    Explore common methods of attack against VIPs, like social engineering, omnichannel attacks, and deepfakes
    Discover how hackers can gain access to your phone and what signs to look for to detect if you are being spied on
    Develop proper habits for using internet-connected devices
    Acquire good practices for cybersecurity when working remotely, in public spaces, and while traveling
    Understand how hackers obtain so much information about you and your family, also known as white intelligence
    Learn effective ways to defend against hacking attacks and master the key principles of cybersecurity

    Learn how to manage your cybersecurity before hackers can harm you!

    For over 13 years, we’ve been safeguarding our clients’ IT services and enhancing their cybersecurity competencies. We train individuals and organizations from various industries, sectors, and sizes from around the world.

    We prepare our proprietary trainings based on the competencies and many years of experience of our experts and practitioners, who hold globally recognized certificates such as CISSP, CISM, CEH, and OSCP.

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