Project Management

Project management is a set of methods and techniques aimed to ensure implementation of projects within the predefined time, budget and scope. Any major change – the introduction of a new product, implementation of IT system, reconstruction of factories, etc. – is de facto a project. Organizations achieve their goals working in two “modes”, the process mode or project mode, in which the undertaken initiatives are unique. Other aspects which have to be taken into account during conducting the project, besides budget and scope, are: efficient communication, time management, co-operation with other contractors, supply of goods and services, quality management.

The benefits of a systematic, methodic project management include:

  • improved assets, schedule and risk control,

  • repeatability of results,

  • the collection and use of experience,

  • early warning on upcoming problems,

  • better preparation to deal with unpredicted problems.

Support in assessing the effectiveness of currently owned processes and project management methodologies
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Implementation of project management methodologies
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Consulting in range of the construction of a well-functioning projects management office
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Outsourcing of experienced project managers and PMO staff
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Project risk assessment
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Project risk audit
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