We specialize in services that focus on raising the business resilience of any kind. We understand it as a complex system in which there are enterprise risk, business continuity, security, IT services,  projects and programs management. In each area of this system we can offer a solutions designed to increase an organization’s ability to face the challenges of the modern world.

Our services are directed to the:
  • companies in finance and banking sectors, which have been obliged since a long time to implement solutions in range of risk managements (including business continuity);
  • telecommunications and postal services operators, as weel as an owners of other critical infrastructure which have also an obligation to develop action plans in specific threat situations or critical infrastructure protection plans;
  • companiec working in other sectors that perform high availability services, such as logistics, transportation, media (including electroninc), production, power generation and fuel transmission industries, etc.

We are ready to help you both to assess and adapt your existing procedural and technological solutions in terms of a comprehensive organizational security management, enterprise risk management including operational risk and continuity of operations (Business Continuity), as well as to implement from scratch best practices and proven solutions in these areas.

Please check an information on our services portfolio. Despite this, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss the needs of your organization in the areas of our expertise. We are trying to approach individually to each client and his case.